Whatsvape Escrow

  •  Everybody is aware of the risk of international business online or phones / emails with companies and individuals you have never met. To minimizer the risk of this, we offer Whatsvape Escrow service. Whatsvape Escrow is easy to implement and provides security to ensure a fair exchange of goods and payment. Play it Safe, Play it Smart!
  • How it Works

  • 1. Both the buyer and seller must agree to use Whatsvape Escrow, which essentially adds a third party Whatsvape Escrow to the contract.
  • 2. The Whatsvape Escrow Agreement must be printed out and signed by the Buyer, the Seller and Whatsvape Escrow. Faxed copies are acceptable and legally binding. Whatsvape Escrow keeps the signed agreement on file.
  • 3. Once all parties have signed:
  •  The Buyer sends payment to Whatsvape Escrow via wire transfer.
  •  Money in-hand, Whatsvape Escrow alerts the Seller to ship the parts.
  •  The Buyer inspects the parts and notifies Whatsvape Escrow of rejected parts within the agreed inspection period.
  •  Whatsvape Escrow pays the Seller via wire transfer.

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